Welcome to my personal home page. I enjoy web publishing, and maintain several websites for businesses and organizations. Of course my own website is the last to get updated. So here I am finally getting around to updating my own site! So let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I grew up in Western Illinois in an area known as the Quad Cities. I now live in Jackson, Michigan which is in South Central Michigan.

I have a fantastic wife (Heather) and two sons (Ross & Rob).

I enjoy all things technology. Since my dad was an Electrical Engineer and a Ham Radio Operator I guess its not hard to figure out where my intrest in technology comes from.

I enjoy computer gaming espcially the first person shooters. I must confess I don't get to enjoy gaming as much as I would like too. My sons and I enjoy playing multiplayer Quake, Doom, and Half Life. We have been known to spend many hours chasing each other around inside a games. Ross and I have also started playing World of Warcraft. We have been playing Warcraft and Starcraft for many years. So it makes sense that sooner or later we would end up playing on World of Warcraft.

I wouldn't define my self as a sports fanatic by any means. However I do enjoy watching a little hockey and basketball. Especially when it comes to play off time! I have been playing in the Jackson City Recreational League the last 4 years. It's a lot of fun and great exercise. The other sport I love to play is croquet. I have been playing competition level croquet for 5 years now.

Lastly and most important is my relationship with my Savior Jesus Christ. God has always been an important in my life. I am a member of Trinity Lutheran Church in Jackson, Michigan.